Double Loop Binding Wire - System Features

Rilecart Double-loop spirals are undoubtedly the most elegant and functional binding / finishing solution for a large spectrum of products.

The Double-loop spiral is made of a particular steel alloy available in a large variety of colours. The benefits of this system over the traditional binding methods are numerous:


  • The pages can easily rotate over 360o, allowing maximum freedom and functionality when reading. This is particularly useful for calendars as it removes the need to tear off the page, which can be kept, thus extending the average life by years.
    Exercise books and note pads can be easily used on both sides.
    Manuals, guides, instruction manuals can be read with one hand only, and in any case, compared to traditional binding systems, only take up half the space.
  • The product can be easily laid flat (at 1800) allowing ease of consultation and preventing wearing of the side. Just think how much simpler reading a recipe book or a musical score sheet becomes.
  • Compared to the traditional single wire bind, the alignment is perfect and the overall robustness of the product far greater.
  • The double loop is an environmentally friendly and clean solution from a minimal environmental impact technology
  • Compared to the plastic side covers, page wear on double bind products is greatly reduced thanks to the mismatch between the profile of the page and the sharp plastic edge.
  • Small objects or other materials can also be included in the end product.

  • Variety in the end effect and functional quality is ensured by the range of binding solutions available. It is possible to encase the spiral bound material, partially reveal the spiral by using a single crease cover. The spiral can also be Skip laid, i.e. alternating holes and empty spaces.
  • The double ring allows the assembly if various materials: plastic and PVC, paper and cardboard, but also leather, aluminium, etc. All this in the most unusual shapes, giving a free hand to the visual department and the Product Manager.
  • The wide selection of available colours allows combinations of great visual appeal.
  • Documents, catalogues, calendars will therefore be uniquely differentiated and highly functional.

In terms of productivity, this system also delivers significant benefits. The current technology is relatively simple, efficient and can be set up with minimal upfront investment, building up over time to bigger and more productive equipment.