Manual Coil Punch with Electric Coil Inserter

OVAL holes: Special 4 x 5mm oval holes. The first & only equipment of its class to offer this advanced feature. Makes coil insertion much faster as compared to standard round holes. When used together with our HD Electric Coil Inserter, it will drastically save your coil insertion time by up to 50%. PLUS version features:

Standard version features: Round Holes: Standard 4mm round holes.

Product Summary
Economical- Modern-Efficient
Now you can create professionally-made books and photo books in the comfort of your own shop/office. It is fast and easy to operating with many functions.

  • Easy but practical mechanism design for operating
  • Punch up to 15 sheets of 20lbs paper
  • Using in office..school
  • Binding formats:A4&11"

Model CS-41 CS-41V
Pitch 4:1
Punching Length 11" (46 dies)
11" (47 dies)
Hole Punch Square O4mm 4X5mm
Binding Thickness From 6"-19"
Single Punching Capacity Up to 15 sheets (20 lbs)