Electric punch and manual closing machine

Easy to use, economic, machine suitable for large range of products.

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Low price
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Maximum reliability

Download the brochure in PDF
Download the brochure in PDF

How does it works:
Punching with the F-500 is very easy: the operator simply has to insert the book into the punching tool and press on the footswitch to punch.
Binding is an easy thing with the P-500: the operator only needs to insert manually the wire (and eventually the hanger) into the punched book, place it under the closing device and press the footswitch.

Electric Punching Machine F500

  • Maximum punching length: 530 mm.
  • Maximum punching thickness per stroke: 2,5 mm.
  • Punching distance from the edge is adjustable from 2 mm. up to 6 mm. depending on the tools used.
  • Footswitch controlled.
  • Accepts punching bars of 300 mm. and 230 mm., singly, doubly or in combination with 50 mm. thumb-cut punching bars, up to 530 mm. maximum length, in the same pitch.
  • Maximum output: up to 1000 punchings/hour, depending on materials used and skills of operator.
  • Wide range of punching tools available, including tool for plastic-coils holes.

Electric Closing Machine P500
  • Maximum closing length: 530 mm.
  • Footswitch control.
  • Adjustable for closing any diameter.
  • Maximum output: up to 1000 bindings/hour, depending on materials used and skill of operator.

Technical Specifications:
Electric Punching Machine F500
  • 2Power Supply: 240/400 V 3-phase 50/60 Hz; 1,5 Kw
  • Size: 110 x 710 x 1070 mm.
  • Weight: 195 Kg

Electric Closing Machine P500
  • Power Supply: 240/400V 3-phase 50/60 Hz; 1 Kw
  • Size: 1100 x 710 x 1097 mm.
  • Weight: 102 Kg